Company Information

Our company now has the qualifications of housing construction engineering, steel structure engineering decoration and decoration engineering; municipal public works, transmission and transformation, anti-corrosion insulation, urban landscaping project professional contracting qualifications. At the same time, there is a four-unit full-range iron tower for broadcasting, television, microwave and communication, and a production license for 500KV power transmission lines..
Our Values
The company pays close attention to quality, reputation, development and corporate reputation. It has passed the ISo9001 international quality system certification, and through the technical education and knowledge assessment of the company’s employees, it strengthens the company’s understanding of the quality of life from the company’s leadership.
Customer Service
PT Integritas Perkasa Konstruksi always provides the best in every project development. Because of that we can be trusted to be part of the growth of infrastructure in Indonesia.,
Award Winning
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Global Reach
Our company can do development throughout Indonesia.
Our company can do development in civil engineering, electrical engineering, and municipal gardening
Our Commitment
Our company has integrity in running every project entrusted to our company. We strive to complete the responsibilities we hold well and finish exactly at the appointed time.


25th November 2017
KALTENG-1 2 X 100 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project. Tumbangkajuei Village. Rungan Sub District Gunung Mas Regency Central Kalimantan Province
21th January,2009
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14th November, 2007
The main content of the project is to build 20,000 apartment buildings, 24 kindergartens, 9 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, substations, etc. Kilamba Kiaxi, Luanda , Angola