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Since its inception, the company has continuously sought new developments and has undertaken a number of large-scale housing construction, municipal construction, decoration and decoration, landscaping, engineering, transmission and transformation, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation and steel structure projects in Indonesia, and has achieved a number of honorary titles. Accumulated a wealth of construction experience and mastered a variety of new construction techniques. The company adheres to the service tenet of “Quality First, Customer Foremost” and follows the “high-quality, high-efficiency, unity, and dedication attitude” to create a large number of excellent quality projects for Indonesian society.
Service 1 - General Contractor
General contracting for building construction、highway engineering construction、power engineering construction、 mine construction、 municipal public works construction、communication engineering construction .
Service 2 - Roadway

Roadway project involve demolition, earthwork, roadbed treatment, culverts, bridges, tunnels, underground passages, roadways, sidewalks, rainwater and sewage communication cable culverts, intercepting sinks, greening, lighting, and transportation facilities.

Service 3 - Civil Engineering
Housing construction projects refer to various types of building construction and its ancillary facilities and their associated lines, pipelines, equipment installation works and indoor and outdoor decoration works.
Service 4 - Steel Construction

Steel structure factory means that the main load-bearing members are made of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel foundations, steel roof trusses Steel roof.

Service 5 - Municipal Gardening
Garden earthwork, water supply drainage engineering, waterscape engineering, garden road, site and garden bridge project, stone and rockery project, garden architecture and essay engineering, green planting project, landscape lighting project, mechanical social security installation
Service 6 - Electrical Engineering
Thermal power plants include thermal systems, fuel supply systems, ash removal systems, water treatment systems, water supply systems, electrical systems, thermal control systems, and auxiliary production systems. Ground treatment, earth and stone works in the plant area and construction area, living welfare, temporary works outside the plant, system engineering of desulfurization equipment.


25th November 2017
KALTENG-1 2 X 100 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project. Tumbangkajuei Village. Rungan Sub District Gunung Mas Regency Central Kalimantan Province.
21th January,2009
PT. Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel Annual Output of 1,000,000t Stainless Steel Slab and Captive 2 X 350 MW Thermal Power Plant Project
14th November, 2007
The main content of the project is to build 20,000 apartment buildings, 24 kindergartens, 9 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, waterworks, sewage treatment plants, substations, etc. Kilamba Kiaxi, Luanda , Angola